Argus Biofuels & Feedstocks 2016
October 18-20, 2016 - London UK

Propel Fuels partners with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to educate customers on benefits of E85

Renewable fuels retailer Propel Fuels recently announced the company has formed a partnership with Enterprise Rent-A-Car to fuel Enterprise's flex fuel rental fleet in Sacramento, Calif. The program will help educate Enterprise's customers on the benefits of E85. A total of 12 Sacramento-area Enterprise locations have been selected to participate in the pilot program, which is scheduled to begin during the second quarter of 2009.READ MORE

USDA report looks at ethanol coproduct use, cattle feeding

A recent USDA Economic Research Service report, highlights the lessons learned by feedlot and ethanol plant managers, as well as considerations for continued use of the coproducts created during the ethanol production. According to the report, the byproducts of making ethanol, sweeteners, syrups and oils used to be considered less valuable than the primary products; however, the increased livestock-feed market for such byproducts in the past few years has switched that perception to one of the ethanol industry making grain-based coproducts that have market value separate from the primary products.READ MORE

Panda Ethanol plant is acquired by French financer

With the 100 MMgy White Energy ethanol plant already in production there, folks in the self-proclaimed "Beef Capital of the World" of Hereford, Texas, eagerly await next steps for Société Générale Group, the French financial services giant who acquired the unfinished 115 MMgy Panda Ethanol Inc. plant in Hereford last week for a $25 million credit bid in bankruptcy court.READ MORE

Troubled U.S. ethanol industry hurts Novozymes

Denmark-based Novozymes reported first quarter 2009 sales that were less than previously expected and said the "troubled" U.S. ethanol industry was partly to blame for the downturn. The enzyme developer/distributor said that sales of enzymes for ethanol production fell by 3 percent in the first quarter. According to the company, Novozymes has been particularly affected by a downturn in U.S. ethanol production because its clients have reduced operating capacities. Novozymes' enzymes customers include Poet LLC and ICM, Inc.READ MORE

Legislation seeks to exclude indirect land use change from RFS2

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) recently introduced legislation that aims to prevent the U.S. EPA from including inaccurate indirect land use models in the proposed rulemaking for RFS2. "Following California's recent decision to use flawed models to estimate ethanol's environmental impact, I am concerned that the EPA could soon apply similar standards that will handicap renewable fuel relative to regular gasoline," Thune said.READ MORE

EU to fall short of biofuels targets

The latest progress report from the European Commission says that collectively, European Union member states are unlikely to reach the EU's target for using 5.75 percent renewable fuels, including ethanol, biodiesel and other renewable fuels, in the transportation sector. While some member states already have reached their own targets, other countries are falling behind, and the EU as a whole might only achieve using 4 percent renewable fuels in 2010.READ MORE

New DOE agency seeks concept papers for energy projects

As part of the Obama administration's plan to improve the U.S. energy strategy, a new organization has been created within the U.S. DOE with the sole purpose of funding research and development of transformational energy-related technologies. The Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy has a $150 million budget to aid in financing potentially disruptive technologies. According to the agency's funding announcement, it is willing to take on high-risk projects and will have the flexibility to work with companies that have traditionally been unable to work with the federal government.READ MORE

Homeland Energy Solutions begins production

Homeland Energy Solutions LLC began producing ethanol at its 100 MMgy Lawler, Iowa, facility in early April and according to Steve Eastman, Homeland's chairman of the board, the plant is already producing at capacity. Eastman said performance tests were completed at the plant around April 25 and the process so far is "going as-planned or better." Construction of the facility began in 2007. Eastman said the project had its fair share of naysayers all the way through the construction and start-up phases.READ MORE
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